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Learning Experience (LC4) Blog Post 3: Maxine Greene

For this week’s reading, Maxine Greene provides her readers with a thought provoking outlook on teaching and the moral aspects involved. Her piece, titled, “Wide-awakeness and the Moral Life” (Greene, Maxine). not only defines and discusses terms within this philosophy, but brings about a call to action upon teachers. Greene begins by explaining the overarchingContinue reading “Learning Experience (LC4) Blog Post 3: Maxine Greene”

Current Connection (LC4) Blog Post 3: Jason Blakely

This week’s reading was very compelling as it discussed the political aspects of education in the United States. The article titled, “How School Choice Turns Education Into a Commodity”  by Jason Blakely, describes the overall meaning and ideas behind school choice, as well as the effects of it. Opening the article, Blakely writes, “Arizona justContinue reading “Current Connection (LC4) Blog Post 3: Jason Blakely”

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